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Vormann • 150 years of drilling experience
150 years of drilling experience



Something you can build on

With pressure probing, the layer construction, stability, subsidence behaviour and permeability of the individual ground layers can be determined with one test. This is therefore a particularly efficient instrument for subsoil investigations, especially as the results are available in real time. In comparison with drilling or dynamic probing, pressure probing allows for a much more accurate assessment of the maximum subsoil pressure load for the foundations and provides detailed information on the load and subsidence behaviour. The probing rod is pushed underground at a predetermined speed. The highly sensitive tip immediately measures all important parameters such as point resistance, skin friction, total load, inclination and pore water pressure. These values are simultaneously printed out and saved for further processing via an EDP system. Amongst other things, the required pile depth is calculated using these results, in order that bridge pillars or wind turbines for instance can be built on solid foundations. We have two heavy pressure probes for this purpose.

Subsoil Drilling


20 tonne pressure probe on a pontoon

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