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Vormann • 150 years of drilling experience
150 years of drilling experience



Energy from waste

The biodegradation process of decomposing waste causes gasses to be released which are harmful to the environment. In modern landfills therefore, gas is removed from the landfill and is used to produce energy. Using telescopic compressed air filters, which follow the settlement of the landfill, the landfill gas can be extracted and channelled through collecting pipes for further use in a co-generation plant, for example. Although this makes the process seem easy, from a drilling technology point of view however, it is a difficult task with all imaginable obstacles. Overcoming these obstacles requires a wealth of experience and the right tools for the job.

 As well as producing landfill control points, we have also specialised in heavy calibre drilling. Our machine operators use drilling tools which can be adjusted to the most varied waste conditions. By using experienced employees and personal safety equipment, gas detectors, extraction units with activated carbon filters and so on, we ensure that we can effectively accommodate the high requirements of safety and health in the workplace in the best possible way.

Investigation of contaminated sites

Contaminated site management
Drilling at a slag dump

Gas fountain head

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