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Vormann • 150 years of drilling experience
150 years of drilling experience



Precise core samples from deep depths

The search for raw materials will be one of the central global themes of this century, especially with regard to drinking water reserves. Never before in our history has there been such growth in industry, coupled with population growth. Further increases will cause serious problems in terms of food and raw materials supplies. Demand will outstrip supply. The outcome of international negotiations on exploration rights will be of vital importance to individual nations. The latest exploration data forms the basis for such negotiations. The investigation into the extent of our resources and their ability to replenish themselves will take on a new dimension. Once, raw materials exploration was more of a sideline for us. Now, it has become our main field of work. VORMANN-Hydropolwiet has been drilling for copper for years. As well as the recently discovered deposits of shale gas, Poland has one of the largest copper deposits in Europe.

Drilled cores provide precise samples. 

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