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Vormann • 150 years of drilling experience
150 years of drilling experience



Regeneration for enhanced performance

High demands on the quality and durability of a well require regular maintenance and upkeep. A decrease in performance in the course of time is a clear indication of well ageing. Influencing factors include the quality of the soil around the well, the chemical composition of the ground water, the technical structure of the well and the way it is used.

The clogging of filter slots and the diminution of the flow-effective pore volume of the filter gravel and in the adjacent aquifer through chemical, physical and biological processes are responsible for the decrease in performance of a well.

The most frequent results are premature deposits, silting and corrosion. In addition, sintering, mucous obstruction and deposits of aluminium compounds contribute to well ageing.

The selection of the regeneration procedure is decisive for the restoration of performance. In single cases sanitation is also part of the regeneration apart from the interior leaning and the cleaning of the annulus of the well. Here, an improvement in functionality or the restoration of the functionality will be obtained through constructional measures.

Many years of experience have shown that a combination of mechanic-hydraulic preliminary cleaning with pistons and brushes and the subsequent removal of detached components, a deep-acting cleaning (e.g. using ultrasound, gravel washers, jets) and a final hydraulic cleaning will show optimum results.


For the purpose of exploring the efficiency of new methods of regeneration such as ultrasound treatment, several dissertations have been prepared internally. In this context, pilot plants on a semi-industrial scale as well as field tests offer use-oriented possibilities of application. Findings of our examinations are evaluated and published and contribute decisively to the further development of the procedures selected.

Well before

Well after regeneration

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