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Vormann • 150 years of drilling experience
150 years of drilling experience



Quality is our challenge

From the beginning until today nothing has changed in this. Therefore, our company is continually developing further and rises to the challenges of every epoch. For many decades VORMANN has distinguished itself from other German drilling companies as a specialist for demanding projects. Our customers have long since appreciated this. We take responsibility and with our experience we ensure that even the most difficult projects will be executed safely and successfully.

We offer our customers substantiated advice with all the relevant information. This is the only way to give all involved parties a comprehensive impression of the situation, long before building commences. For this, risks and hazards must be assessed realistically. At this point, our many years of experience pay off.
Among our employees are some of the most experienced and most competent experts of the industry.

Nowadays, VORMANN consists of three independent companies in NOTTULN / Westphalia, in the Hanseatic city STRALSUND and in WROCLAW/Poland. Our subsidiary in WISMAR is controlled by our company in Stralsund.


The VORMANN group of companies has established itself worldwide.

VORMANN Headquarter in Nottuln / Westphalia

VORMANN & Partners in Stralsund

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